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2014-08-18 06:22 pm
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New Fic: The Eagle Weds the Dove (Justified, Gen)

Title: The Eagle Weds The Dove
Author: [personal profile] vain_glorious
Fandom: Justified
Wordcount: ~4,500
Rating: PG-15
Characters: Raylan Givens, Tim Gutterson, Loretta McCready, Boyd Crowder
Genre: Gen
Warning(s): Vague spoilers for Justified Season 3. Canon typical violence.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: “I think I can’t find him,” Tim says. “I think Raylan’s been missing for longer than it usually takes him to crawl out of the bottle. And I know most of the relationships he forges with other people are the kinds where they want to shoot him.”

Weds the Dove? The Eagle )
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2013-09-29 10:34 pm
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New Fic: The Cook Emeritus (Justified/Breaking Bad crossover - Gen)

Title: The Cook Emeritus
Author: [personal profile] vain_glorious 
Fandom: Justified/Breaking Bad
Wordcount: ~7,000
Rating: PG-15
Characters: Raylan Givens, Jesse Pinkman, Loretta McCready, Boyd Crowder
Genre: Gen, AU from Breaking Bad 5X15 - (5X16 never happens.)
Warning(s): Spoilers for all but one episode of BB, Spoilers for season 1-3 of Justified (vaguest of spoilers for season 4), Canon typical violence, Drugs like whoa
Notes: Familiarity with at least one show suggested.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: The Nazis use Jesse to settle a debt with an old crime lord acquaintance in Kentucky: Boyd Crowder. Or, Boyd receives the gift of a talented meth cook from acquaintances in New Mexico: Jesse Pinkman.

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2013-08-29 10:56 pm
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New Fic: The Attention is the Trick (Justified/White Collar crossover - Gen)

Title: The Attention is the Trick
Author: [personal profile] vain_glorious 
Fandom: White Collar/Justified
Wordcount: 3.795
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Raylan, Boyd, Neal, Peter
Genre: Gen
Notes: Set pre-series for White Collar, nebulous season 2/3 for Justified via timewarp. No spoilers.  Title from here.
Disclaimer: Not Mine.
Summary: “Kentucky has rich people, too,” Burke says, still smiling. “And Mr. Caffrey is intent on separating them from their money, as well.” He clears his throat and continues. “My colleagues in the FBI have also managed, successfully, to make life in his usual circles so uncomfortable that Mr. Caffrey is being forced to move into less desirable territory.”

Trick? Is the Attention. )

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2013-08-19 10:36 pm
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New Fic: Pillar Spun of Dust and Blood (Walking Dead/Justified Crossover, gen, PG-15)

Title:  Pillar Spun of Dust and Blood
Fandom: Justified, The Walking Dead (crossover)
Summary: A man in a hat meets a boy in a hat, following the zombie apocalypse.

"Can’t just leave him here,” Loretta says.

“Yes, we can,” Raylan counters. “Our camp has a full count of crazy hillbillies with crossbows.”

Author:[personal profile] vain_glorious 
Rating: PG-15
Word Count: ~ 11,000
Character(s): Raylan, Boyd, Carl, Daryl, Loretta,
Spoilers/Warnings: set nebulously post-Season 4 of both shows, spoilers for TWD. Canon-typical violence.
Author's Note: Familiarity with either (but not necessarily both) show(s) suggested. Title from here.

Spun of Dust and Blood? Pillar. )